Lamlash Shops...





The Lamlash Co-op: This is our most frequented shop in Lamlash. The Co-op has recently been extended, and stocks a surprisingly wide range of goods, given it's limited shelf space. There is a good selection of fresh produce, as well as plenty of the "mainstream" everyday essentials. There is a wide range of wines, and plenty of specials to tempt the unsupecting shopper! We often recommend that anyone not taking a car over on the ferry, to get off the bus/taxi here to do their shopping. 


Jimmy's store (Ship House):    Near the Co-op is Jimmy's store, which is found in the building named "Ship House".  Jimmy stocks newspapers and sweeties of all descriptions (midget gems are our favourite tipple!), and also has an Alladin's Cave of hardware and toys, as well as cards and gifts. In the same building is his gift shop which is a great place to buy presents for those who didn't make it over with you to Arran.


Johnsons Chandlery: This is the small shop situated at the head of Lamlash pier, and is like the Doctors tardis when you are inside! There is a huge selection of boating, diving and yachting gear, plus a great range of gifts to take home to the ones who missed out on your trip across the water. Also stocks cold drinks and confectionery.

There are many other shops in Lamlash, but we will leave you to discover them on your own!